Peace of mind for families who are unable to visit frequently with a loved one due to distance, or lifestyle, we provide oversight services to ensure your loved one’s safety.

Functional Wellness Program
Graceful Seniors Functional Wellness Program focuses on positive health and functional wellness. Our nursing staff evaluates your parent or loved one's present condition paying particular attention to chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Vascular Disease, and Heart Disease. We develop a plan to maximize their quality of life. Our staff communicates with their doctor when needed, to assure your loved one is receiving the best possible care, and managing with a chronic illness. With close monitoring and a focus on positive health, your loved one's quality of life is improved by reducing complications. Our ultimate goal is to keep your loved one in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Care Management
    Assessment of Needs & Plan of Care Development
    Coordination with Community Resources & Services
    Advocacy with Health Care Providers
    Includes accompanying the senior to MD visits as necessary to provide practitioners with valuable
        history/medical updates
    Home & Hospital Support
    Includes crisis management to respond quickly to stressful situations
    End of Life Assistance
    Includes living wills, healthcare proxy, and arrangements with hospice
    Local & Nationwide Information & Referrals
    Medication Management to ensure that the proper medications are taken on schedule
    Medication Administration & Reminders
    Wound Care
    Monitoring Medication Compliance.
    Measurement & Monitoring of vital signs by a skilled nurse
    Arranging for equipment such as healthcare alert devices or a wheelchair

Peace of Mind
    Daily or Weekly Calls & Check ups
    Home & Environment Safety Evaluations
    Mail pick up
    Oversight to any supportive care provided in the house

Transition Service
Relocating a parent or loved one to a supportive facility is a difficult decision. Graceful Seniors provides quality referrals to Assisted Living facilities, Long Term Care facilities, and Continuing Care Providers based on the quality of care and your loved one’s needs. We present you with current information on facilities with specialty training and services to assist you in making your decision.

Financial Wellness
Financial Wellness is often overlooked when considering caring for an elderly parent or loved one, and often becomes time consuming and confusing. Our bonded staff provides services on an ongoing or consultative basis.

    Bill Paying and Budgeting
    Medicaid & SSI/SSDI Applications
    End of Life Arrangements

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