Toms River, NJ-Graceful Seniors Geriatric Care Management Expands to include Financial Wellness Services
Graceful Seniors, LLC is proud to announce its partnership with Rose Sweeney-Gant BA/MPA to provide additional Insurance Billing Advocacy/ Claim Intervention Services to the list of many solutions it provides individuals and families who care for an elderly loved one. Graceful Seniors now supports patients in addressing some of the complex issues that health insurance companies create in health claim processing.

Graceful Seniors will serve as liaisons with insurance carriers and health care providers to address unresolved, unprocessed, or unpaid medical expenses on your behalf. 
If you are being faced or challenged with any of the frustrations or areas listed below, Graceful Seniors can provide the professional focused help you need.


Medicare co-pay, coinsurance advisement
Affordable Health Care Act guidance
Eligibility, Participation, and Network related confirmations
Facilitate claim filings and resubmissions
Coordinate and draft appeals for erroneous declines and denials
Challenge charges inconsistent with industry or legal standards
Fee and charge negotiation
Maximization of health plan benefits
Obtain/ request medical detail or records
Complete review of Physician and/or Facility charges for accuracy
Coordination of Motor Vehicle or Workers Compensation Issues
Support seeking financial assistance for co-pays and pharmaceutical expenses

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